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Just a little background info….

LoK Photography is the new site replacing my Lauren Bryson Photography site.  I wrote a post about all the changes that are going on with my life, business and family and reposted it below.


Yes, its fall but its also time for a huge HUGE change!! My life, my family, and my company are all about to have a name makeover.  So let me start from the beginning…like 13 years ago.  Long before I met my husband he was raised by his mom and dad, well step dad, but Justin (my husband) never thought of his dad as a step-dad. So when Justin was 17, his dad Mike offered to adopt him.  Justin didn’t think it was necessary (and at 17 who really makes the best choices anyway?) so he declined.  Now fast forward to 6 months ago, we were talking in our small group about our biggest regret.  Justin’s was that he didn’t take his dad’s last name.  I really didn’t think anything would actually change when he had talked about his regret.  About a week later he asked if I would pray about changing our last name.  (Insert lots of prayer here.)  So after a few days of praying about it, and not finding a good reason not to change our name we both decided it would be an awesome thing to honor his family by becoming O’Keefe’s.  The papers were submitted last week and now we wait for the official letter stating our new name.  The best part of this process was telling Justin’s family, we choose to tell them on his dad’s birthday, so we wrote it in his card.  For the first few minutes only Mike, Justin and I were smiling with tears in our eyes,  once Mike shared the news with Tracy, then we all were a teary mess.  So in a few weeks time we will be the O’Keefe’s.  And my business will be LoK Photography.  I’ve had so many emotions about changing our name, and changing our girls name.  But what I keep going back to is how Mike looked at me when he read the card.  That look I’ll never forget, a look of amazement and unbelief, yet joy at the same time. When something you do brings joy to another, it really is the best feeling.

So stick with me here as I change everything, name, logo, blog, business cards, website….. I don’t want to list it all or I’ll get overwhelmed.  But check back soon because when everything is updated I’m going to do a giveaway!!! Who doesn’t love giveaways?