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{Cincinnati Corporate Photography} Physicians Health Source Headshots

I love switching things up a bit, I never stick with the same hair cut, wallpaper on my iPhone or favorite food. Keeping my mind sharp through capturing lifestyle events and corporate head shots is fun for me and I enjoy them!  Children and Family Photography is what I love to do and feel I do best; though I enjoy pulling from my education to offer traditional corporate head shots and personality head shots as well.  The chiropractors from Physicians Health Source Inc. were easy to capture and kept the session light and fun.  

admin - July 2, 2013 - 8:55 am

I love capturing kids even when they are being moody…part of a photojournalistic style is capturing what is happening when it happens. I do use all of my tools to try to bring out their joy and great smilies but I’m happy to reschedule if they are having an off day. Everyone has an off day once in a while!

denise johnson - July 1, 2013 - 4:20 am

It is really fun to capture children’s smiles. They are really so cute. But isn’t it hard to capture their smiles since some children are moody?

{Cincinnati Lifestyle Photography} Doctorate Graduation Party

I had the pleasure of capturing a graduation party at Wiedmann Hill Mansion, a gorgeous location in Newport, Kentucky.  Sarah had put in the hard work, hours upon hours of writing and researching for her dissertation and finally made it to the end! Sarah is now Dr. Sarah and glows with pride! Her wonderful friends and family celebrated her amazing achievement and were a fun group to get to know.  

GFC | Newport Photo Booth

This is a special post for my awesome church Grace Fellowship Church | Newport!  I included a quick tutorial on how to use PASS (the gallery viewing and downloading website.)  Follow this link to see and download your hilarious photo booth images from Sunday.  The password is: newport


Once you have arrived at the images the gallery looks like this….

Once you’ve had a look around at everyone’s images you can click on the one you want to download, the screen will then look like this…..

To the right of the image is a small down arrow that you need to click to download your image. It will prompt you to create an account through Facebook or simply using your e-mail address.

Once you have created your account you are free to download as many as you would like.  There are two collections one with high resolution images and one with Facebook sized images.  If you are have any issues please call me at 859.757.9396 or e-mail me lauren@lokphoto.com.  It was a blast capturing everyone and all their silliness!

Spring has sprung!

Spring Mini sessions were a BLAST!  The bunnies did well and enjoyed themselves, and the look of wonder and awe on the children’s faces was just adorable!   My clients are the best! And they have the cutest kids! Here are a few from the day…

Now that all of my family has received their Easter images of my little cuties I wanted to share and brag just a little.  For being photographer’s kids they did well on the first shoot, now on the second shoot (with the actual bunnies) they didn’t cooperate well at all.  No smiling or even looking at the camera for that matter.  I also broke the #1 rule of photographing children….I tried to squeeze in their {quick} session before lunch.  Which postponed their lunch for an extra 40 minutes. I find it funny that I can inform my clients on when the best time to photograph their children is but when it comes to my own, all rules fly right out of the window!  Practice what you preach right?!


Carrie S - April 13, 2013 - 4:58 pm

LOVE all the pictures, but like your comments on your own sessions with your kids the best! LOL!!

{Ava’s 7th Birthday} Cupcake Party!

I had the pleasure of capturing a fun filled birthday party for Ava!  Barb Harvey of IncrEdible Endings hosted a cupcake making party, complete with decorations, a delicious oreo cream cake, and of course cupcakes!  The guests and birthday girl had a blast mixing the ingredients and decorating the cupcakes with buttercream icing and lots and lots of sprinkles, colored sugar and pearls!  If your looking for a special way to celebrate a birthday contact Barb Harvey, she did a great job working with the children and made Ava feel special with sugar flowers for her cupcakes!