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Wulfeck Family {sneak peek}

I love big families! Especially this one! They were a joy to work with and made my job easy! Don’t get me wrong, I brought in reinforcements to make sure the littlest ones were looking at me and mostly smiling.  By reinforcements I mean my girl Mandy of Mandy Leigh Photography.  She was a huge help and even worked through the pain of a sprained ankle! Although I did get the “your crazy for making me do this” look when I handed her a grasshopper to get the kids attention with.  Wulfeck Family- thank you for being awesome, for choosing great colors and for being easy going!  Hope you love your sneak peek!

Carrie S - October 12, 2013 - 2:41 pm

LOVE, LOVE the colors they chose and the jeans w/boots! The location is fabulous! The outside fall colors compliment their outfits so well! Also, LOVE the silhouette! You’re just awesome!

Berry Family {sneak peek}

You know how sometimes you meet a person and you just click? Well that is what happened with Danielle Berry.  She contacted me about a family session she had been given by a friend who had won it at a fundraiser. We talked a few times over the phone to go over details and such and I just felt like she was a long time friend.

Although, our first conversation started out as quite a confusing and complicated one.   I had already been contacted by another family  about a session they won at the same fundraiser.  (Now you might be thinking wow how generous that LoK Photography would give away two free family sessions at one event, but really I wasn’t that generous.)

You see back in November when I was just finishing up my new logo and website I donated a session from Lauren Bryson Photography.  A week or two before the fundraiser I pulled together a new certificate with my LoK Photography brand on it to replace the Lauren Bryson Photography one.  (This is where God stepped in and changed my plans from one session to two.) At the fundraiser they accidentally gave away both certificates to two different people.  After a day of phone calls and scratching my head that was the conclusion I came to accept.

What is really awesome about this story is that the family that won the Lauren Bryson Photography certificate gave it to the Berry Family knowing they would be blessed by it.  You see they have three kids, Alyssa, Sean and Karah and they haven’t had family pictures in almost 6 years!!  The kids were so fun to work with and Karah didn’t want me to stop taking her picture!  I was starting to run out of ideas after the 50th picture of just her sweet face!  And instead of cheese she said “bumble bee!”  I’ll have to use that as my new “word”.  Berry family- Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your afternoon.  You are so welcoming and lighthearted!  I hope you enjoy your {sneak peek}.




Puddle jumpers

Sometimes I’m the fun mom {let’s be honest…most of the time I’m not!} and this post is about a fun afternoon in the big puddle on our driveway. Mama bought a new lens and needed some willing subjects to capture. They didn’t mind one bit!










Carrie S - July 12, 2013 - 10:52 am

LOVE!! I think I need a day like this! Way to go being such a fun mom; they’ll remember these days more than the others. Especially love the bent over sticking their heads in the water pix! Thanks for sharing.

{my little artist} Cincinnati Lifestyle Photography

Oh Kali-girl,

You are truly my biggest joy and biggest challenge.  I’m amazed that you have learned me well in your four short years of life and you reflect the best and worst parts of me.  Your sweet and sassy, shy and excitable, talkative and inspiring.  I hope you will one day have a daughter of your own to completely understand what I am feeling.  For now I’ll just watch and pray and share and limit and wish and sigh.  Love you baby girl.

Carrie S - June 8, 2013 - 9:36 am

Love these!! They look so natural and so beautiful! Thank you for sharing these with the rest of us; it was a delight!
Please take some like these of Nya for me next week! Her hair will only stand up straight for so long!