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{Tuesday’s Tips} Snowy Sessions

My gang headed out for some snowy pictures today and I wanted to share a few tips for getting some sweet images of your kiddos in the snow!


  1. Choose neutral colors so their faces pop!

With snowy pictures the background is going to be mostly white, so I wanted to complement my kiddos faces and not have bright colors that will distract from their smiles.

2. Overcast is best!

If you can head outside while there are still clouds then do it! It makes the light on their faces so soft and pretty!

3. Check your exposure before you get them outside!

Nobody wants to wait for mama to get her settings right while they are shivering away! I set my camera to: 1/125 sec at f/6.3 iso 125. (If that gibberish doesn’t make sense to you give me a call and we can set up a lunch date to go over the basics!)

4. Have an assistant!

I had my babysitter come over and lend a hand. She took the girls inside for me after every 5-10  minutes because it was about 20 degrees when we did this shoot.  She doesn’t have any experience on photo shoots, and was just an extra set of hands, but super helpful!


{Tuesday’s Tips} Choosing what to wear

Choosing clothing for a session is challenging, even for me! I have a little pdf that gives some ideas on what colors go well together. I always recommend mixing prints and solids, because having everyone wear one color shirt and the same khaki pants is so 90’s. When you pick your colors, lay out everyone’s clothes and squint at them all together.  Do any of them look out of place or stand out too much? Try to stay away from large logos, as that can date your portraits. Think modern-classic-simple. If all else fails lets go shopping! I am always happy to give my opinion for clothing choices!  


{Tuesday Tips} Better snapshots of your kiddos

The images below are some of my favorites. No my kiddos aren’t in fancy outfits, they surely haven’t brushed their hair (Actually, I haven’t brushed their hair because really, what 4.5 year old can do that well?) They aren’t sitting in a gorgeous field awash in sunset tones. They are however living their lives, and I captured what they did today. The way she holds a pencil and begins to write her name, and the last little bit of hand chub my 1.5 year old has that is quickly dwindling away.  Do you have similar images? Ones that help you to remember the everyday? The ones of him in his little boy undies running around the house with a pirate hat on? These will be the images you cherish, the ones you look at and all those feelings bubble up to the surface and run down your face.  When they are all grown up they will want to see these snapshots too. I love looking through my grandparents old photo albums.  It’s one of my favorite things to do when I get the chance to visit. (They live in Florida…me in Ohio, so that happens maybe once or twice a year.)  All of that to say…let’s improve our snapshots so that they capture more of what is happening, not just having the kids smiling cheesy smiles but document their full little lives.  I grabbed my camera this morning and captured my two littlest ones to share some tips with you!

Tip #1 Use window light

Do you see the orangeish tone to my cabinets in the left picture? That is what happens when you don’t turn off your overhead lights. Even though the light wasn’t near her, it shows up in the background of the image. Blahhhh.  Turn off those lights! Have you kiddo sit near a window and let them do what ever they love to do.

Tip #2 Declutter the scene

Ok, don’t roll your eyes just yet.  I’m not saying clean the whole house.  Just move those sippy cups, gatorade lids, and extra papers off to the side.  The clutter can be distracting, simple scenes are always ideal.

Tip #3 Find some details to focus on

Those little baby hands, so sweet.  Hand dimples! Pick something to concentrate on, and take a bunch of different angles of the same thing.  The best angle might be from behind the child, on their level.

Tip #4 Get closer

I’m not taking about cropping your image after you take it, but actually getting closer to your sweet baby. It eliminates the stuff in the background that is distracting and makes a better connection with your sweet little one.

Tip #5 Try a profile

See that cute little button nose?! Adorbs.  Although I did have to tuck her hair behind her ear or there wouldn’t have been a nose to see!

Tip #6 Fake a scene

When all else fails, and they won’t sit still for 3 minutes, or 5 seconds for that matter, ask them to look for the birds outside, or butterflies, or fairies (can you tell I only have girls?) I’m loving their reflections in the window. Just precious.


And just because I cannot believe how big this sweet girl has grown, a few of just her.

Happy snapshot shooting!

{Baby Malachi} Cincinnati Newborn Photography

Oh my goodness! This little handsome guy was perfect for his newborn session! He didn’t cry until the session was over! I love the time I get to bounce and rock the baby to sleep while the mama and I chat about the birth.  I love hearing birth stories! When I was pregnant I couldn’t read enough of them! So don’t be surprised if I ask you to share your birth story with me! 

My clients are so fun! We did a few family images at the beginning and I asked the dad to sit so I could check my lighting setup.  He posed and smirked all on his own, and I cracked up when I saw him through my camera!

{Seest Family} Cincinnati Family Photographer

The Seest’s were a joy to capture! I followed them around a park in Covington and smiled the whole time! Willow was full of great expressions and thought of poses all on her own! Elliott loved the leaves and only wanted to sit for 2.7 seconds.  Good thing I have experience with toddlers! His sweet smile melted my heart. 

{National Adoption Month} a tribute!

Adoption…what a beautiful, loving, sacrificial, intense gift. I have been blessed to capture a few gotcha day’s for my clients.  I wanted to share them for National Adoption Month and remember all the emotions of each day.  I cry at each one. Thank you Hicks’, Sweets’, Muench and Ashley families for including me in your special day.